[Anst-dancers] Re: Fall Arts Symposium - Dance Business

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 2 09:45:05 PST 2003

>From: Pug Bainter <pug at pug.net>

>Just btw, why is this practice not on the regular Steppes schedule? Is it
>made public to the local mailing list or is it a private practice?

They meeting is announced every week as a reminder message to the Steppes 
list either on Sunday or Monday of the meeting.

That it is not linked of of the Steppes web page is odd, because I think I 
myself have mentioned it to the Steppes V-scribe (but not sure).  The North 
Dallas Dance Guild, is however, linked off of the Ansteorran Dance web page 
under guilds - where meeting times, directions, and an agenda is posted for 
every month.


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