[Anst-dancers] Yule Revel

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Sun Nov 2 19:36:01 PST 2003

on 11/2/03 8:38 AM, Tausha Walker at celesteofnamron at yahoo.com wrote:

>I'll be there.
        > H.L. Celeste

You better be there! We are running dance for 2-3 hours during the
afternoon. Do you still remember Alagreza ;-) ? We have not seen you for a
while. We promise to make sure your dance partner is not swiped from you
this time!

I am hoping to have the turn-out that we had last year (it seems when there
is not any fighting at the event, there are more people who want to
dance...hmmm). Since almost half of our class in not in the SCA we are going
to try and bring them with us (everyone else from class will be there). We
have not made a dance list yet, but there are four dances that I want to do
because they have Christmas/Winter themes (okay, this is cheesy):

€ Stingo (ECD, it came from a English Christmas song)
€ Official Branle ("Ding-Dong-merrily on the Official Branle")
€ Drive the Cold Winter Away (ECD, I had to reconstruct this one because I
could not find one)
€ Trenchmore to the music of "Masters in this Hall" (otherwise known as
Female Sailor)

None of these daces have anything to do with Christmas other than the music,
but what the hell.

I have also asked the Merry Musicans of Mooneshadowe if they could play for
our dancing (cross your fingers), so hopefully we will have live music.
Maybe I should bribe them with chocolate....?

I am hoping that we are also blessed with the presence of Lady Helene to
come to our event (no pressure). Maybe we should also bribe her with
chocolate too...

I look forward to seeing you next month!


Morgan Ellisse

P.s. Lord Mathias (Bart) was at fighter practice today. He came to
socialize, but he almost decided to suit up just so he could clobber me with
a sword. I wish he and his wife would play more.

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