[Anst-dancers] Dance Manual/Website Project Volunteers

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 2 22:44:02 PST 2003

>From Guillaume:
>We are very open to input/criticism. The look and layout of the final
>project will be subject to Guild review. We are not open to having our
>methods of doing the work dictated to us.
>So, from my perspective, what you are saying not only doesn't make
>sense, it is far removed from the reality of how the project actually
>is being done and its history up to this point.

Hi Guillaume,

So I don't know how much other people are suffering from this, but I am 
having a lot of trouble understanding who is in charge of which project.  It 
doesn't help that at least three people are using the same email account in 
some instances.

Who is the 'we' you continue to refer to?  Who is working on the manual, who 
is working in the website?

Once you write:
"Since Isabeau, Ariane, and I are doing 99% of the work on the manual"

Later you write:
"There are 4 people who are doing major amounts of work for the manual,
and everyone who has submitted dances is greatly appreciated."

I thought you relinquished editorial control of your manual - named the 
Northsteorra manual - to Isabeau to begin creating the Kingdom Dance manual. 
  Further, she has Ariane helping her with the document creation and the 
actual printing of the manual.

It is obvious that you are now involved in the process again in a major 
editorial/decision control position.  And that is great.   I am completely 
supportive of whoever volunteers with the support of the proctor to write 
the manual, and whoever wants to maintain the webpage.  But who else is 
involved?  Who is in charge?  And who do we communicate with to ask 


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