[Anst-dancers] FAS - Dance Business (Long)

Myfanwy ferch Eifion myfanwy at pug.net
Mon Nov 3 06:17:12 PST 2003

>No, I keep puzzling through it and can't find a point. Most of what you 
>say is just wrong. This project has been under guild direction from the 
>start of the guild. The guild was asked if my work on the Nordsteorra 
>manual was a good basis for the Ansteorran manual.

O.k, so after looking through the archives, I see that you officially asked 
the guild at the Kingdom Dance & Music symposium in 2001.  I guess I just 
forgot that from the minutes since I did not attend the meeting.  Then 
glancing through the archives, I see no mention of it again until this year 
on the list.  I guess that explains why it seemed to me like it suddenly 

>We are very open to input/criticism. The look and layout of the final 
>project will be subject to Guild review. We are not open to having our 
>methods of doing the work dictated to us.

O.k, you may think that you are being open, but in response to somebody 
giving criticism about the descriptions of the dance steps, Isabeau 
responded with, "I am well aware of the mess that step descriptions on the 
web are currently in. It is an ONGOING PROJECT. Thanks, Isabeau."  I'm 
sorry, when somebody yells (which when you use all caps in an e-mail, it 
generally suggests yelling) they are not being open to criticism. Now, 
maybe Isabeau had her feeling hurt, couldn't deal with any more right now, 
whatever, but it still gives the impression.

>So, from my perspective, what you are saying not only doesn't make sense, 
>it is far removed from the reality of how the project actually is being 
>done and its history up to this point.

I still would have to slightly agree.  Like I said, from what I can tell, 
it was mentioned once 2  years ago.  I'm not saying that you didn't talk to 
some people.  You may have even talked to me about it, I'm just saying it 
wasn't as obvious from at least the list activity, as you make it out to 
be.  I admit, I only glanced through the messages that were posted from 
"Russell Kinder" so if anybody else posted anything about it, I missed it.


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