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John F. Hirling jhirling at houston.rr.com
Mon Nov 3 07:26:41 PST 2003

Lady Toryn Seven-Stitches wote:
I have been reading this list for over 4 months, just to see if I would like to join the dance community.  I thought it would be a good idea to 'get a feel' for it online before I set foot in a practice.  Well, now I have a feel for it, and it is not good.  Would the host/hostess please remove me from recieving this list?  Thank you, 

Like all communities, we have our problems.  In my opinion, the recent on-line sniping has been well above acceptable levels. Most, if not all of it, should have been done off-line.  It has not been a helpful discussion.  

One would think that email would be a clear form of communication because it is in writing.  Alas, the opposite is true.  Over 70% of face to face communication is non-verbal and all of that is lost in email.  Controversy is best left to face-to-face.

Lady Toryn, we are more than the handful of people whose writings have put you off.  Actually, I believe the parties involved in our most recent bruhaha are better than their writings might suggest.  Those who permit the aberrant behavior of a few chase them from every activity of interest, often find themselves sorely disappointed in the SCA and ultimately, in life. 

Grace & peace,
ihon vinson macfergus, OL.

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