[Anst-dancers] Yule Revel

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Mon Nov 3 21:07:39 PST 2003

Oh balls, I checked Steven Hendricks arangement for it hoping to find the
words, but he just has the music in his Playford Book.

Thank you for that information buy the way. Now we really have a theme going
on with this event.

Do you know if you are going to be there?

Morgan Ellisse

on 11/3/03 2:23 PM, Deborah Sweet at dssweet at okstate.edu wrote:

> H.L. Celeste said:
>> I love Dargasson. That's a fun dance ... I didn't
>> realize the refrain had words though! Neat!
> There's also words for the verses. Check out the Baltimore Consort's CD
> "Bright Day Star" a collection of christmas oriented songs and dances.
> It's at home, but I think the song is listed under "Hey for Christmas" not
> Dargasson. The words get more and more cramped for space/time and
> idiomatic/"accented" so the verses are pretty hard to do to at dancing
> speed - but the refrain works quite well. I sang it while learning
> Trahern's version of Dargasson at KWDS this summer.
> I left out a couple of words. It should be:
> "Hey for Christmas every year when we have cakes both ale and beer
> and to our Christmas' party come both men and maids to shake their
> bums...."
> Estrill
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