[Anst-dancers] Dance plans for Bryn Gwlad's Event Sat

Julie Cunningham Julie at ettros.com
Tue Nov 4 07:09:47 PST 2003

Be glad to help you with the kids if you need another body....

Kathryn of Ayr

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So looking at the schedule, it says that there's evening court at 7 pm, and
European dancing is scheduled after court :/ I should have access to a tent
for dancing, but there's several caution factors to remember:

1. Richard Gariott's site is not level (this is the site with the ship and
   I've sprained my ankle twice fencing there.
2. It's outdoors, and it's going to be dark.
3. Uh oh. We're scheduled for after court.

So.. it's not going to be a formal ball. I'll have my boombox (and
batteries) and we can do some non-ankle sprain inducing dances like almans,
pavannes, slow bransles, or whatever the dancers request at their own risk ;) 

Since it's a local event, I'm going to be busy most of the daytime, but
chunks of it involves just looking pretty. So if you catch me at one of
those moments, I'll be more then happy to give 1x1 dance instruction. :)

Oh, and I'll also be teaching renaissance dancing to kids at 10:45 - 11:30


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