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Her is a bit of info that I found about "Dargason; or Sedany" that was in
The Playford Ball (by Kate Van Winkle Keller & Genevieve Shimer):

With two titles of Welsh derivation, both of which escape convincing
explanation, this unique progressive dance is paired with a late
sixteenth-century double-tonic circular tune of haunting familarity. The
title of the song below also connects the tune to Wales, Shropshire lying in
the foothills on the English side of the border.

Today's ears hear strong traces of "The Irish Washerwoman" and "Skip to my
Lou" in the opening measures.

Chappell quotes the first of sixteen verses set to this tune in the
seventeenth century:

"The Shrop-shire Wakes, or hey for Christmass, being the delightful sports
of most countries, to the tune of Dargason."

Come Robin, Ralph, and little Harry, and merry Thomas to our green;
Were we shall meet with Bridget and Sary, and the finest girls that e'er
were seen.
Then hey for Christmas a once year, when we have cakes, with ale & beer,
For at Christmas every day, young men and maids may dance away, & c.

References: Simpson, 165-66; Dean-Smith, 60; Fuld, 489; Chappell, 63-66;
Ward, 36

So, I guess now we have 5 dances to do at Yule Revel that have Christmas

on 11/4/03 8:45 AM, Deborah Sweet at dssweet at okstate.edu wrote:

>> Thank you for that information buy the way. Now we really have a theme
> going
>> on with this event.
>> Do you know if you are going to be there?
> You're welcome.
> I'd like to - but really can't definitively say yes or no.
> Estrill
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