[Anst-dancers] FAS - Dance Business (Long)

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 2 21:39:13 PST 2003

No, what you write doesn't make sense at all. I can't fathom what you 
are trying to say, other than...

No, I keep puzzling through it and can't find a point. Most of what you 
say is just wrong. This project has been under guild direction from the 
start of the guild. The guild was asked if my work on the Nordsteorra 
manual was a good basis for the Ansteorran manual. Everyone at past 
meetings and in e-mails enthusiastically agreed that it was a good 
manual, and all it really needed was an update and inclusion of other 
Ansteorran reconstructions/creations to be the Ansteorran manual.

We are very open to input/criticism. The look and layout of the final 
project will be subject to Guild review. We are not open to having our 
methods of doing the work dictated to us.

So, from my perspective, what you are saying not only doesn't make 
sense, it is far removed from the reality of how the project actually 
is being done and its history up to this point.


On Friday, October 31, 2003, at 04:14  PM, Robyn Bainter wrote:
> Oh, I agree that it says the Charter states that we want a Kingdom 
> Dance Manual.  I personally think that a Kingdom Dance Manual would be 
> useful.  I can even argue that Guilluame and Isabeau will do a good 
> job on the manual, what my point was, was that they didn't ask the 
> guild if it was o.k. that they go and do this, they just said they 
> were doing it.  I don't have a problem with taking a project on and 
> doing it per se, but they should be more open to criticism/input and 
> remember that this is supposed to be representative of the *Kingdom* 
> not just the way they do it or the way they think is the best for it 
> to look.
> Does this make more sense?
> Myfanwy
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