[Anst-dancers] Fall Arts Symposium - Dance Business

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Sat Nov 1 08:07:02 PST 2003

Guillaume says:
>I'm not sure how to respond to this. I think any issues that exist are 
>between Lowrie and us

Let's stop the Lowrie thread :) 
If anyone involved still want to discuss things, they all have my number.

Guillaume says:
>If by "ownership", you mean "I am the one responsible for seeing that 
>this is done correctly and is a good product," then yes I want to "own" 
>the dance manual in that way. 

But the thing is, by putting the label 'Ansteorra' on it, the Kingdom owns
the manual. In the ways you explain above. Whether the manual comes out
good or bad, it'll reflect on the Kingdom. The average Joe wouldn't know
that 'Guillaume' editted it, or 'Ariane' published it, they would just
think of it as the Ansteorren dance manual. Same thing for dancers out of
kingdom who don't know who specific Ansteorrens are. When I'm at an out of
kingdom dance event, I don't want to respond with embarassment when someone
mentions the Ansteorren dance manual.

Some of the concerns that have been brought up are:
- Do guild members have input to the Dance manual?
- Are guild members _encouraged_ to have input? (Not get responded with
capital letters: "IT'S AN ONGOING PROJECT!")
- Will the latest dance manual be provided so people can give input?
- Will people's input be considered and treated with respect?

If all the answer above is 'Yes'. Then wonderful!
If any of the answer is 'No', then I don't think it should be an Ansteorren
dance manual.

Pug says:
>Third, there are many websites, including in this Kingdom, that have
>multiple people modifying them. This is not at all a difficult process
>nor one that is tough to solve. 

I agree with Master Pug. 

Estrill says:
>Personally, I'm just not convinced that we really need a kingdom dance 
>manual - we should encourage those really interested in dance to support 
>the *modern* products out there. 

Agreed. Let's not the motivation to make a dance manual be just because
Ansteorra doesn't have one.  

In conclusion, I don't want this list-serv to explode with emails, and then
after a while, things die down, and things go back to how they were with
nothing changed. Obviously there are concerns, so let's address them.

Yay! Dance politics!

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