[Anst-dancers] Re: Yule Revel

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Sun Nov 2 10:16:22 PST 2003

Dec 6 is also Bryn Gwlad's Yule Revel where we're having a peasant Christmas. 
Myfanwy is autocratting the event and I'm running dance.

If you don't have your own Yule Revel at the same time, please consider
attending :)

Yay! Dancing!

At 05:55 PM 11/2/2003 +0000, Craig Shupee' wrote:
>>Is anyone on this list going to be at Wiesenfeur's (OKC) Yule Revel on Dec.
>>Morgan Ellisse
>Dragonsfire Tor Yule is that same weekend 
>(http://dragonsfire-tor.ansteorra.org/toryule.html).  They are part of my 
>local group, and I vollunteered to run dance this past weekend at Crown - so 
>look for an announcement soon if you are interested.
>They are a really awsome group, and if you can make it, please come. :-)

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