[Anst-dancers] Steppes 12th Night

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 3 12:03:06 PST 2003


I've spoken with the Steward for Twelfth Nght (Master Edwin), and also been 
in contact with Guillaume and Isabeau.  I suspect that Guillaume and Isabeau 
will run dance as the Barony's current guild leaders, which has been the 
tradition so far as I can remember.  I know Elin and I will be avaliable to 
help them if the need presents itself.


>Um, if you or Elin were not asked to run dance, I was not asked to run 
>and Guillaume and Isabeau were not asked to run dance, is there someone
>actually in charge of this?  Have you heard?  If not, I will try to contact
>the autocrat to see what the proposed plan is.
>I will be in attendance, but will be fairly occupied with Glaslyn's bake
>sale and silent auction.
>In service,

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