[Anst-dancers] Yule Revel

Tausha Walker celesteofnamron at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 16:07:28 PST 2003

Thanks! I'll check that out!

Deborah Sweet <dssweet at okstate.edu> wrote:
H.L. Celeste said:
>I love Dargasson. That's a fun dance ... I didn't
>realize the refrain had words though! Neat!

There's also words for the verses. Check out the Baltimore Consort's CD 
"Bright Day Star" a collection of christmas oriented songs and dances. 
It's at home, but I think the song is listed under "Hey for Christmas" not 
Dargasson. The words get more and more cramped for space/time and 
idiomatic/"accented" so the verses are pretty hard to do to at dancing 
speed - but the refrain works quite well. I sang it while learning 
Trahern's version of Dargasson at KWDS this summer.

I left out a couple of words. It should be:

"Hey for Christmas every year when we have cakes both ale and beer 
and to our Christmas' party come both men and maids to shake their 


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