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        It has come to my attention that many do not know that those who
VOLUNTEER to work the Celtic Heritage Festival Demo next week end will get
to enjoy the rest of the day's festivities at no cost.  Check out the list
of entertainment at www.celticheritagefestival.org, find the musicians you
like, schedule your time with me around that.  I need to have your names on
my list before hand to turn in at the gate!!!
   We are getting some wonderful publicity from the sponsors for this event.
Let's show off the SCA for all it's worth.  Please contact me, get your
friends to contact me for scheduling.  E-mail or by phone, H-972-235-4824,
C-972-489-8086. Thank you, Bre'nainn Mac Giolla Pha'draig

  Re vera, cara mea, mea nil refert.  (Frankly, my dear, I don't give a
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