[Anst-dancers] Namron Protectorate / Dance?

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 7 13:43:26 PDT 2003

Hi List,
Mostly to those from the North or who are planning to go to Namron this 

I understand that the dance organizer has had to drop out for Protectorate 
and that Lady Helene is leading dance now. (Yea Helene!)  But after talking 
to her,  I fear that there will not be much dance during the day or that the 
ball may not even happen.  We were both wondering what level the motivation 
to dance this weekend was at.  (She, so she can know what to teach and how 
to plan for the ball... me because I want to try and convince myself the 
drive is worth the effore.)

I was wondering about who was expecting to just dance during the day and 
then attend the ball after.  If there were people who wanted to focus on 
just dance (and can handle skipping the lists, etc.) then I might reconsider 

I am disappointed that things have changed, but I'm glad that Lady Helene 
can make it up there and lead dancing either way.



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