[Anst-dancers] Fall Arts Symposium - Dance Business

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Mon Oct 27 10:24:50 PST 2003

As Lowrie mentioned there were several dancers at this event, so lots of
good discussion was had (as well as lots of fun dance geekiness!).

To keep everyone informed and to give everyone something to think about for
our official meetings, here is what was discussed at the Fall A&S Symposium:
(In attendance:  Capricia, Philip, Jocelyn (Brigit), Ihon, Perronnelle,
Lowrie, Myfanwy.  Jehanne and Pug attended portions of the discussion.
Isabeau provided comments on the manual and website previous to the event.)

1.  Official Meetings.
	Kingdom A&S  - January 31st - Mooneschadowe
	Candlemas	 - Febraury 7th - Bryn Gwylad

	Would these meetings be better scheduled as a class time or at some other
point in the schedule?

2.  Dance Manual.
	Much time was spent discussing the merits of whether including variations
helps or hinders new dancers.
	The most common form of the dance will be listed first in the manual.
Questions were raised as to how this would be decided.
	Everyone is encouraged to include dances that their group does and any
variations their group does.  Dance instructors will need to look at the
on-line manual to determine if their dances/variations are included.
	To insure proper credit is given, the dance manual will include fields such
as "reconstructed by", "taught by" and "danced in".  If you have submitted a
dance, please be sure to include that information as completely as possible.
	The dance manual will hopefully be ready to begin the publishing process in
January.  Please note that the further editions of the manual can make
updates and corrections.
	A dance manual editing/proofreading party has been scheduled for November
22nd.  The exact location is yet to be determined, but it will be in the DFW
Metroplex area, please let the proctor (Capricia) and Dance Manual
coordinator (Isabeau) know if you can attend.
	The deadline for submitting dances and variations is November 19th, so they
can also be edited/proofread.  Please submit your works to the proctor or
dance manual coordinator before that time.
	The cover for the manual will include a graphic and the name of the manual.
	A credits page will be included in the manual for all who have worked on
the manual or made submissions.  Please provide your information (name and
e-mail (or other info. you want included) as you would like it to appear.
	If you want to be involved in the layout and stylistics of the manual, you
should attend the editing/proofreading party.

3.  Dance Website.
	Lowrie was asked to program a form for dancers to register on line to be
part of the dance roster.  She has agreed to do this.
	It was discussed as to who should have access to alter/update the webpage.
The decision (with approval from Pug) was that the proctor (Capricia), the
web managers (Isabeau and Guillaume), and the "programmer" (for lack of a
better term) (Lowrie) should be allowed access.
	An idea was discussed about how to add dances to the manual. (This is my
non-programming/web savvy understanding.  Someone please correct me if I'm
wrong.) Program code would be written which would allow people to upload a
dance without needing the password.  This would not automatically go to the
web page, but would be held some place until the web manager (and/or maybe
the proctor) could approve the upload.  This would save the web manager
needing to physically do all the additions and corrections, etc.  But would
still leave control with the web manager.  The program would also generate a
notification e-mail to whoever is keeping the paper Dance Manual updated
(currently also Isabeau and Guillaume).
	The idea to do a "Who's Who" page was readily accepted.  Most people would
like it to include the dancer's photo.  Including a caricature of the dancer
was also suggested and most liked that idea.  Some dancer's want to have
both, some only want one or the other.  It was suggested that this page
could look very much like the Laurel's page.
	We need to have our page linked off the Kingdom's page Dance, Music, and
Bardic page.  We also need to link back to the Kingdom A&S page.  (We are
already linked back to the Ansteorra page.)
	Greg Lindahl has recently created a page on how to locate and obtain
variuos useful dance books.  This link would be particularly helpful to
those beginning to do reconstructions.
	Can we find out about and add a page that links to non-SCA dance camps,
etc?  Like Pine Wood, Amherst, etc.  Anyone with information on such an
event, please contact the proctor and web manager.

4.  Making dance more visible.
	Isabeau is organizing dance at Ansteorra's 25th year next July.  She would
like volunteers to teach classes, do some performances, and to run the
Friday and Saturday evening ball.
	It was suggested that one of the performances be L'Caccia d'Amore (see
Sutton's video) done by the guild.  Local groups could practice regularly,
then we could have some practices together before the event.
	A need for regular "regional" or "kingdom" dance get togethers was
discussed.  The Wooden Spoon in Plano and Capricia's barn in Wise County
were two places suggested to hold these revels.  Others were asked to try to
find suitable places in their neck of the woods.  No definite plans were
made as to when the first get-together would be.  Suggested dates are highly
welcomed by the proctor.
	The proctor will contact local chroniclers and request that information
about the dance website and mailing group be included in their local
	There will soon be an A&S edition of the Blackstar published.  Dance
articles are highly encouraged!  Contact Mistress Jehanne if you would like
more information.
	Philip is currently the Deputy A&S Minister of Dance and Music.  He can
help get news published in the monthly edition of the Blackstar.  He will
also be our liaison to the kingdom.
	Dancers need to be less insular.  We need to attempt to work more closely
with autocrats to make sure dance can happen and that it is advertised.
Most agreed that afternoons may be our best bet for classes and balls.
Possible performances during feasts may be arranged.
	The proctor will be designing a flier (which will hopefully be posted
on-line) which directs dancers to the webpage and mailing list.  Anyone will
be free to copy and distribute these fliers.  The idea to design the same
information as a business card was also discussed.
	Can we persuade and teach our nobles and peers to pavan into court?
	Can we bring in dance teachers from out of the state for our kingdom
events?  Who might be good candidates?
	Would eliminating levels be more productive to the guild at this point in
time?  Is there any other restructuring that might aid in making the guild
more user-friendly to all?

5.  Money.
	We now have money in the kingdom account.
	We need to decide how the guild will deal with financial matters and what
is appropriate expenditures for the money.
	Many agreed that it is much easier to leave the money as a kingdom
designated fund than to try to manage the money on our own.  (Much less
paperwork and no need for a treasurer.)  Current thought is that the proctor
(and Deputy A&S Minister) could inform kingdom when a check was needed.
Agreeing to spend the guild's money would need a simple majority vote.  We
need to decide if this needs to dealt with in  person , by phone or e-mail,
	The only possible expenditure mentioned was paying for outside instructors.
	This whole topic was only discussed very briefly so lots more discussion
needs to be had on this matter.

6.  Kingdom Dance Symposium.
	Deadline - We spoke with Mistress Jehanne (current A&S Kingdom Officer)
about setting a deadline for bids for the Kingdom Dance/Music Symposium
which would still have a flexible date.  We need to consistently hold this
event EVERY year.
	Kingdom Law - We discussed the need to change kingdom law to make Kingdom
Dance actually count as a Kingdom event, not against a group's local event.
	Performance event - We discussed the possibility of using Kingdom Dance as
the forum/event for all performance arts which are suffering or almost
non-existent in our kingdom.  This includes madrigals, plays, poetry, etc.
This could include combining Eisteffod (sp?) with this event.  It was also
mentioned that dancers need to help build up all performance arts and need
to be less insular.  That ties in with our desire to make dance more visible
and more highly participatory.
	The guild can be the host of this event as long as we get an autocrat
approved by the kingdom seneschal.

7.  Proctor error.  Further comments.
	If I have presented any of the discussion inaccurately, please feel free to
notify me personally and I will attempt to correct the error.
	If you have any comments on any of the above, please feel free to respond
to either the list or me personally as you see appropriate.
	Except for the manual which may get published before our "Offical meeting",
EVERYTHING mentioned above is open to discussion and/or change.  If you have
comments, questions, or concerns about the manual please let me know as soon
as possible.

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