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Thanks for the links.

What is Urbino?

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> 	Can we find out about and add a page that links to non-SCA dance camps,
> etc?  Like Pine Wood, Amherst, etc.  Anyone with information on such an
> event, please contact the proctor and web manager.

Too lazy right now to look up the email addresses --

Pinewoods Early Music Week
They create a new page each year, so it's probably best to link to the 
generic "programs" page.

Amherst Early Music Festival

Did you want the link for Urbino (I don't have it to hand at the moment, 
but can dig it up)?

Those are the two biggies as far as "mundane" historical dance.  There 
are other instructors on the west & east coasts that do workshops.

Since the page is not set in stone, I'll post links to the others as 
they come up.  I usually see them announced on Rendance.

Strictly Renaissance, or are we including Baroque, too?  You might also 
want to link to http://www.rendance.org/ .  There are links there to 
other events, instructors, etc.


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