[Anst-dancers] Guild Business - Levels

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 28 09:58:48 PST 2003

>Would eliminating levels be more productive to the guild at this point in

Seeing that levels have not been productive since the creation of the guild, 
can we dissolve them?

We are on our third proctor - and barely have a roster of guild members.  
And those that have submitted qualifications to be placed in the guild 
structure almost exclusively have requested Magister status.  What is the 
point of having a guild where only those who submit qualifications to meet 
those standards of a Magister are involved.  Wouldn't we have needed people 
in the other levels so that we could even have had non-magister levels?

Has there been anyone who has become a more advanced scholar or performer 
because of the current guild leveling structure?  That the levels encouraged 
them to become a better dancer?  I've only met people who have refused to 
join the guild because they do not fit into this guild structure and don't 
think it serves good purpose to support the community.

In all of the unofficial dance geekiness meetings we've had so far, I've not 
experienced a time where people sat down and talked about levels.  Except 
for times where we talked about dissolving them, and if they really served a 

Our community seems interested in growth and learning - not labels.  I watch 
people get excited about balls, regional practices, Kingdom dance events, a 
kingdom dance manual, and teacher exchange programs among other things.

What do we need to do to just concentrate on these things that excite us - 
and dissolve the guild levels as it currently is?


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