[Anst-dancers] FAS- Dance Business

Keith McClune swashbuckler at caerthe.org
Tue Oct 28 12:50:24 PST 2003

Hi there:

> ... the steward has requested that I arrange a ball. I'm thinking
> something along the lines of 'pay-per-dance' - ie, a quarter-a-vote & vote
> for your favorites, vote early & often! And if the musicians pay more to
> *not* play a dance - then it either becomes a bidding war or it's bumped
> from the program. Any other ideas for that?

We did something like this in the Outlands a couple of years ago.  Petit Riens
got a couple of dollars in "tips," while Hole in the Head \\\\ Wall raised over
$50.  Of course half of that was to *not* play it.

I'd suggest some separation between the "voting" and the dance floor.  We wasted
a lot of time "bidding" for or against dances (especially HitH) instead of

Keith / Guillaume   S:}>

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