[Anst-dancers] 25 Year, Regional Practice Ponderings

Miriam Robinson Gould madame_sosostris at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 29 11:03:44 PST 2003

>I'll provide more info on this later. Yes, I would love to do
>Guillaume's "La Caccia d'Amore" reconstruction as one performance.
>Also, Ariane has been working on "Il Pastor Leggiardo" from Negri. I
>would also like for people to do dances from other genres.
A number of years back when I was still in Carolingia, we put on a dance 
pageant called "Desire and Disdayne" that presented dances from across the 
repertoires in the format of a staged ball.  The theatrical elements to it 
were pretty simple, but served to tie the performance together.  Would 
something like that work for 25 year?  That way groups from across the 
kingdom could focus on perfecting an, or multiple, individual dances, but 
there's still unity to the performance.

This next part is really targetted towards dancers in the Dallas, Houston, 
San Antonio, Austin areas but I don't know of a better way to reach people 
than the list so I apologize for taking up the space of those of you who are 
outside of that area.  For those of you who are within the area, I was 
wondering if there would be interested in doing a once-a-month, rotating 
advanced practice.  One of the difficulties with dance practice is that in 
making sure we teach so that all levels feel comfortable, advanced dancers 
don't have a forum to work on technique and grace issues.  While Bryn-Gwlad 
does not have enough advanced dancers to justify a separate advanced dance 
practice--and it seems like this is true of most of the other baronies as 
well--there are certainly enough of us among the various areas.  If we 
rotate it, then we all take turns at having to drive.  :)  Is this a crazy 
idea or does it seem like it might be fun and possible?

In service,

Sayidda Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya

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