[Anst-dancers] 15th C Ripresas

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Wed Oct 29 14:24:18 PST 2003

On a non-administrative note, Ihon and I were discussing how to do 15th
Century Ripresas at the Fall A&S: 

Ihon does his Ripresas as a step sideways and close. (Ingrid Brainard did
it this way too I think?)
The commonly seen version is usually: step sideways -- step behind -- step
A grapevinish thing we see most people do Rostiboli with. And how Rosina
does it.

Ihon and I couldn't find sources that supported the left-behind-left
reconstruction, so I asked Rosina, and she basically interpreted an Italian
phrase that said:

"il secondo fa el simile che e in sul pie stancho in forma di riprese
muovino li piedi quatro volte cioe l'uno pie socto l'altro" (Siena ms)

to mean:
"the second does the same, on the left foot, in the form of a ripresa,
moving the feet 4 times, that is one foot under the other."

She also says that a Burgundian source mentions something that can either
be interpreted as a stepping backwards or behind.

Yay! Period grapevine dancing! ;)

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