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The idea originated with Ulf and, as conceived, would included as many as
four stages with merchants and vendors in between.
I pitched it about a year and a half ago to TEs Stargate, Bryn Gwalad &
Bjornsborg and got initial enthusiastic support.  However, soon alternative
ideas of what the event should be caused me to drop the idea.
What I'd like to see is a stage for theatre, a stage for dance, a stage for
group singing (which could double with the dance stage or the theatre stage
depending on the number of entries) and a stage for individual
performances --thus 3-4 performance venues.  Sort of a mini-faire.

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> Lowrie said:
> >The last King's College had 6 dance classes, and I ran 4 of those.
> >People don't think of those events as 'dance' events, and I had problems
> >getting dance teachers to come and volunteer.
> When Mooneschadowe held KC we had one track of dance classes. As long as
> there's at least one track of dance at KC, that's good, imho.
> I suppose it comes down to the reason for having Kingdom Dance (& dance
> classes at other events) - is it mainly for never-danced before &
> beginning dancers or is it for the dance-geeks (intermediate/advanced
> dancers)? Because if it's for the latter, that's a much smaller target
> audience; the former, a (possibly) wider audience, but not much for the
> geeks to show up for. And we need *both* types of classes. KWDS is for the
> dance geeks; kingdom dance ?? I don't know. I could argue it both for and
> against dance geeks. Sooo maybe we need to either question non-geeks on
> how they view kingdom dance & what it would take for them to attend and
> also question ourselves as to what *we* expect from Kingdom dance.
> >I also think the whole Performance Event hosted by AGED would be a good
> >idea, if people were willing to volunteer.
> So most of the dance community seems to like this idea; has anyone bounced
> it off of any other people (like musicians, bards, jugglers, etc) to gauge
> their reaction?
> Estrill
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