[Anst-dancers] Dance Manual Changes

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Thu Oct 30 19:54:02 PST 2003

on 10/30/03 10:58 AM, Craig Shupee' at philipwhite at hotmail.com wrote:

>> 2.  Dance Manual.
>> To insure proper credit is given, the dance manual will include fields
>> such
>> as "reconstructed by", "taught by" and "danced in".  If you have submitted
>> a
>> dance, please be sure to include that information as completely as
>> possible.
> Right now, with all the fields under each dance, and with more to be added -
> I am finding the dance manual difficult to read.  And trying to think as a
> newcomer, I think its allot of information that is not necessary to be under
> each dance or step listing.
> I find a fix to this by looking at the Terpsichore book.  Credit is given to
> each dance's choreographer/reconstructor in an appendix.
> So, I'd like to see 2 appendices added, and not fields of 'reconstructed by'
> and 'danced in' under each dance in the manual.  One appendix would be the
> reconstuctors name along each dance in alphabetical order.  The next would
> be a chart with columns either labeled by the 5 regions, or according to
> dance guild, and rows labeled with each dance in alphabetical order.

I don't think that a single line that states "reconstructed by" or "taught
by" makes the dances difficult to read in the dance manual, it is a single
line of text that will be differientiated (sp?) by the typestyle. I think
that if we put the credits in the back of the book then nobody will read
them and won't know who the dance should be attributed to right off the bat.

I'm also slightly confused about the second appendix suggested, what is it
supposed to accomplish?

> I'd like to here more discussion on this, but if other people like this
> idea, I'd be willing to create these documents in word for the manual and to
> be put in html.

>From my point of view for the printed manual, a word document wouldn't be
much help, I would still have to reformat everything to go with the rest of
the book. Though it may of use for the web site.


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