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Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Thu Oct 30 21:48:41 PST 2003

> To keep everyone informed and to give everyone something to think about for
> our official meetings, here is what was discussed at the Fall A&S Symposium:
> (In attendance:  Capricia, Philip, Jocelyn (Brigit), Ihon, Perronnelle,
> Lowrie, Myfanwy.  Jehanne and Pug attended portions of the discussion.
> Isabeau provided comments on the manual and website previous to the event.)

Well, it seems like you guys had an official "unofficial" meeting
considering all of the attendees and everything discussed. :)

Sorry Morgan and I did not make it, we had a good dance demo at the fair in
Guthrie though and it was definently worth putting on. (Thank you Helene,
Isabeau and Guillaume for helping us!)

> 1.  Official Meetings.
> Kingdom A&S  - January 31st - Mooneschadowe
> Candlemas     - Febraury 7th - Bryn Gwylad
> Would these meetings be better scheduled as a class time or at some
> other
> point in the schedule?

Just out of curiosity, why are there two offical meetings scheduled only one
week apart? Are people really going to attend both of them?

Wherever on the schedule that doesn't conflict with classes too much, but
still leaves plenty of time for discussion.

> 2.  Dance Manual.
> Much time was spent discussing the merits of whether including
> variations
> helps or hinders new dancers.
> The most common form of the dance will be listed first in the manual.
> Questions were raised as to how this would be decided.
> Everyone is encouraged to include dances that their group does and any
> variations their group does.  Dance instructors will need to look at the
> on-line manual to determine if their dances/variations are included.

I think that any commonly done variations should be included for dances, and
I don't think that including them would hinder new dancers as long as there
is one clearly listed as the most common. Are there a great number of dances
that have more than one very common variation? I think that whoever
submitted the dance would make that choice, otherwise it would be left up to
the compilers of the manual.

> A dance manual editing/proofreading party has been scheduled for
> November 22nd.  
>The exact location is yet to be determined, but it will be in the DFW
> Metroplex area, please let the proctor (Capricia) and Dance Manual
> coordinator (Isabeau) know if you can attend.

When was this date decided? I've been off the list for a little while due to
change in email address, so I may have missed it. When you say
editing/proofreading party you mean just editing right? (Going over the text
of the dances to make sure they all work.) Proofreading will not be
available until I've formally formated the book in December.

> If you want to be involved in the layout and stylistics of the manual,
> you should attend the editing/proofreading party.

Since I'm doing the layout/style of the manual and I may or may not be at
the editing meeting due to homework obligations, please feel free to contact
me with suggestions.

> 3.  Dance Website.
> Lowrie was asked to program a form for dancers to register on line to be
> part of the dance roster.  She has agreed to do this.
> It was discussed as to who should have access to alter/update the
> webpage.
> The decision (with approval from Pug) was that the proctor (Capricia), the
> web managers (Isabeau and Guillaume), and the "programmer" (for lack of a
> better term) (Lowrie) should be allowed access.

Why do so many people need to have access to the web site? It's standard in
the baronies that only the Virtual Scribe has access to the web site, the
seneschal and the Baron/Baroness have no need to access the site nor would
anyone necessarily want them to be able to. If there are multiple people who
can make changes, it can only create more conflict between individuals and
create formatting errors because of crossed communications and different
styles. It is much easier for only one person to have access and control
over the web site. Obviously the web manager should keep up with the demands
of the members of the guild within reason, but remember we're all volunteers
here and can't expect instantaneous updates.

> An idea was discussed about how to add dances to the manual. (This is my
> non-programming/web savvy understanding.  Someone please correct me if I'm
> wrong.) Program code would be written which would allow people to upload a
> dance without needing the password.  This would not automatically go to the
> web page, but would be held some place until the web manager (and/or maybe
> the proctor) could approve the upload.  This would save the web manager
> needing to physically do all the additions and corrections, etc.  But would
> still leave control with the web manager.  The program would also generate a
> notification e-mail to whoever is keeping the paper Dance Manual updated
> (currently also Isabeau and Guillaume).

I don't see how this could work. An individual would have to have access to
the entire manual's html pages to add a dance already formatted in the
correct alphabetical order on the site and update the links for the table of
contents, meaning they could change other dances, delete other dances, etc.
This makes it more likely that problems would occur in the formatting by
those who are not experienced and the web site design would become a large
sloppy mess. The way the web page is designed currently would make it
impossible to have such restricted access for everyone and even if it was
redesigned, say with each dance on an individual page (meaning there would
be hundreds of different pages), then there would be the problem that each
dance would be formatted differently, therefore creating just as much work
if not more for the web manager. If a submission form was created it would
be the same thing as emailing the web manager with a dance--they would still
have to format it into the web site.

> The idea to do a "Who's Who" page was readily accepted.  Most people
> would
> like it to include the dancer's photo.  Including a caricature of the dancer
> was also suggested and most liked that idea.  Some dancer's want to have
> both, some only want one or the other.  It was suggested that this page
> could look very much like the Laurel's page.

I think this idea is nice, thought not absolutely necessary. Keep in mind
that it creates more work for the web manager who would have to keep track
and update the photos and bios.

> 4.  Making dance more visible.

> Dancers need to be less insular.  We need to attempt to work more
> closely
> with autocrats to make sure dance can happen and that it is advertised.
> Most agreed that afternoons may be our best bet for classes and balls.
> Possible performances during feasts may be arranged.

The best thing to become less insular is to become involved in your local
group, become known locally, and support other sca activites. Make sure
everyone is reminded about dance happenings on a regular basis and not
sporadically. If you do this then autocrats for your local events are
usually more friendly and helpful in trying to include dance in the event
and if you contact them early enough then advertising dance at the event is
not difficult. If you are known and liked, then people will remember who you
are and may become interested in dancing as a consequence. This is probably
the best that can be done, we can't make people dance if they don't want to.

I also agree that dancing in the afternoons can be successful at a lot of
events depending on what's going on at the event, and performances at feasts
are also a good idea--Morgan and I just did one at Mooneschadow Guardian and
it went well (very attentive audience up there).

> The proctor will be designing a flier (which will hopefully be posted
> on-line) which directs dancers to the webpage and mailing list.  Anyone will
> be free to copy and distribute these fliers.  The idea to design the same
> information as a business card was also discussed.

I you need any help with this just ask me. I could come up with something
pretty easily if you give me a week or two (I have to schedule things around
all of my homework). I also think a flyer would be easier for people to
print out at home, business cards require a little more work.

> Can we persuade and teach our nobles and peers to pavan into court?

Maybe a few, but probably not many, they like to socialize a lot.

> Would eliminating levels be more productive to the guild at this point
> in time?  

I think that levels aren't really serving any purpose right now, as others
have said, we don't really focus on who's better than who as much as we
focus on just dancing at events. I think that levels would work in a more
structured and more populated guild, but in our very fluid group where
members come and go all the time they are just not useful at all.

> 5.  Money.
> We now have money in the kingdom account.
> We need to decide how the guild will deal with financial matters and
> what
> is appropriate expenditures for the money.
> Many agreed that it is much easier to leave the money as a kingdom
> designated fund than to try to manage the money on our own.  (Much less
> paperwork and no need for a treasurer.)  Current thought is that the proctor
> (and Deputy A&S Minister) could inform kingdom when a check was needed.
> Agreeing to spend the guild's money would need a simple majority vote.  We
> need to decide if this needs to dealt with in  person , by phone or e-mail,
> etc.

The approximate amount and it's exact purpose could be voted on in person at
an official guild meeting that has been advertised several months in advance
with a date, time of day, and location. We would have to make sure that the
majority of guild members could actually be there, otherwise, perhaps a
private email voting system would work for those who couldn't make it.

> The only possible expenditure mentioned was paying for outside
> instructors.

This sounds good to me, though I am unsure who exactly.

I think I should stop typing now....

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