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Miriam Robinson Gould madame_sosostris at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 30 23:04:26 PST 2003

>The idea originated with Ulf and, as conceived, would included as many as
>four stages with merchants and vendors in between.
>I pitched it about a year and a half ago to TEs Stargate, Bryn Gwalad &
>Bjornsborg and got initial enthusiastic support.  However, soon alternative
>ideas of what the event should be caused me to drop the idea.
>What I'd like to see is a stage for theatre, a stage for dance, a stage for
>group singing (which could double with the dance stage or the theatre stage
>depending on the number of entries) and a stage for individual
>performances --thus 3-4 performance venues.  Sort of a mini-faire.

That sounds really fun.  It's a good way to incorporate dance into an event 
with broader appeal.  The only thing to be cautious with something where 
you'll have simultaneous performances is that you need to try and schedule 
things so that they don't split the audience too much.


>My thought was we could organize within the dance community a Kingdom dance
>event on opposite years from KWDS.
>On the same years as KWDS - we could help the performing arts community
>organize a Kingdom Performing Arts College - taking off some of the strain
>of running an event from just dance people and their friends.  It could be
>an event that had tracks for bardic, performing, judging, middle eastern,
>european dance, and more.  It could also be a place for Kingdom Eistedfodd
>or the Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance Title.
>This would take work with the Kingdom A&S office and the other performing
>arts communities.
>Just an idea...

That also sounds really fun.  I think that alternation will be nice and that 
it's also good to build links between dance and the rest of the performing 
arts community.

Sayidda Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya

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