[Anst-dancers] Crystal Ball

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
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How intriguing!  That makes at least 5 variations we've been exposed to.  I
guess I'd best look at this dance for myself.  ;-)

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Nadine Latief wrote:
> "7.  Whiligig (short version)". Uh oh. Which version is that?
> Hrm.. we need to infect them with more 16th C Italian dances ;)
>   Lowrie

I learned this variation at KWDS.  Up a double and back; middle couple
does the casting figure.  All cast to rearrange the set as usual.
Siding; then, the new middle couple does the hey figure;  All cast.
Arming; then the new middle couple does the star figure.

Fortunately, the music on the KWDS CD is for "Whirligig" and not
"Woodicock".  Unfortunately, it's this short variation of the dance.


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