[Anst-dancers] Fall Arts Symposium

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Mon Oct 27 06:30:55 PST 2003

The Fall Arts Symposium went really well, and I was amazed by the amount of
dance geekiness that we had :) That was sooo much fun, and it's rare to
have that amount of folks dance geeking out in kingdom. We have to do it
more often!

Philip taught a reconstruction class, and after that, a bunch of us just
sat on a table and geeked out on dancing. It was great how there was so
many sources available (*drools over Peronelle's collection*) and how we
argued over steps and getting the average Joe to dance. There was also a
lot of discussion about the Ansteorren dance guild, though it was an
"unofficial" meeting.

I'd like to thank the folks that showed up to my class: Ihon, Peronelle,
Myfanwy, Philip, Jocelyn and Capricia. 
Thanks for reminding me what it's like to teach a dance to a flock of dance
teachers, I am humbled. :) 

Yay! Dancing!

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