[Anst-dancers] FAS- Dance Business

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Mon Oct 27 13:51:53 PST 2003

>To keep everyone informed and to give everyone something to think about 
>our official meetings, here is what was discussed at the Fall A&S 

Wow. Lots of stuff. 

>1.  Official Meetings.
>                Kingdom A&S  - January 31st - Mooneschadowe
>                Would these meetings be better scheduled as a class time 
or at some
> other point in the schedule?

Just let me know if you want it on the "official" schedule for KAS - the 
event steward has appointed me as the official liaison to AGED.

>2.  Dance Manual.
>The dance manual will hopefully be ready to begin the publishing process 
>January.  Please note that the further editions of the manual can make
>updates and corrections.

But does it really need to be physically published? Perhaps providing a 
copy of the manual in a PDF format on the AGED website would be a better 
way to go. I'm seeing copyright issues, etc. for some dances as causing 
problems if we actually want to go with a hard copy. And maybe there are 
copyright issues for a PDF copy as well. There's no need to rush into 
this. Has anyone looked into this? (And no, I'm not volunteering for it.)

>3. Dance Website
>                Can we find out about and add a page that links to 
non-SCA dance camps,
>etc?  Like Pine Wood, Amherst, etc.  Anyone with information on such an
>event, please contact the proctor and web manager.


That page is the preliminary info on the 2004 programs of the Country 
Dance & Song Society (CDSS).

>4.  Making dance more visible.
>Can we bring in dance teachers from out of the state for our kingdom
>events?  Who might be good candidates?

Quibble - "out of *kingdom*" - not "out-of-state" for kingdom events. 
(That whole "north of the Red" song & dance routine inserted here.)

>                A need for regular "regional" or "kingdom" dance get 
>was discussed.  The Wooden Spoon in Plano and Capricia's barn in Wise 
>were two places suggested to hold these revels.  Others were asked to try 
>find suitable places in their neck of the woods.  No definite plans were
>made as to when the first get-together would be.  Suggested dates are 
>welcomed by the proctor.

Followed by:

>Dancers need to be less insular.  We need to attempt to work more closely
>with autocrats to make sure dance can happen and that it is advertised.
>Most agreed that afternoons may be our best bet for classes and balls.
>Possible performances during feasts may be arranged.

I agree that dancers need to be less insular. But arranging to have 
regional or kingdom dance get togethers at non-event places doesn't seem 
to be the way to go (IMHO). Could they not be arranged at kingdom events? 
And I don't necessarily mean the big name ones either. Maybe picking out 
some of the "smaller" events, as long as the site has a decent dance area, 
would be a better way to go.

I'm thinking that AGED should meet (officially &/or unofficially) at most 
of the A&S oriented events (KAS, King's College, & the Intermediate KC), a 
Yule/12th night or two, etc. One way to help fight the "insular"-ness 
might be to try & play nicely with the Laurels; in addition to perhaps 
getting baronesses, princesses & queens to cotton to the idea of a "ball" 
in their honor.

>5.  Money.
>                The only possible expenditure mentioned was paying for 
outside instructors.

Doesn't that go against the whole "no person shall benefit from SCA 
monies?" mantra of the reeves, unless of course you're talking about *non* 
sca dance instructors?

>Agreeing to spend the guild's money would need a simple majority vote. We
>need to decide if this needs to dealt with in  person , by phone or 

In person, at official guild meetings called in advance. 

Money (& all that it entails) could be the most troubling and rift-causing 
problem that the guild encounters.

6.  Kingdom Dance Symposium.
>Deadline - We spoke with Mistress Jehanne (current A&S Kingdom Officer)
>about setting a deadline for bids for the Kingdom Dance/Music Symposium
>which would still have a flexible date.  We need to consistently hold 
>event EVERY year.

I don't know about a deadline - but in the summer seems a good time to me 
to hold the event. And while maybe not *every* year, how about every 
*other* year? (the off year of KWDS?) 

>Kingdom Law - We discussed the need to change kingdom law to make Kingdom
>Dance actually count as a Kingdom event, not against a group's local 

A very good idea - but the question is has it *really* been counted 
against a group's limit by any kingdom seneschal? [Kingdom Heraldic 
Symposium has the same problems - it's not on the list of "official other 
kingdom events" either.]

>Performance event - We discussed the possibility of using Kingdom Dance 
>the forum/event for all performance arts which are suffering or almost
>non-existent in our kingdom.  This includes madrigals, plays, poetry, 
>This could include combining Eisteffod (sp?) with this event. 

A very good idea - but...

Was it brought up about the changes to event limits that is being 
considered to change kingdom law? (if so, sorry for being redundant) IE, 
reducing all groups below barony level to *one* kingdom calendar event per 
year & (I think) baronies to their ped & 1 event? At least nothing more 
has been mentioned about this on the Ansteorra list recently. The stated 
reason is to produce fewer, higher quality events. sooooo.....

So if a group wants to host the Performance Event/Dance/Music Symposium it 
would certainly be beneficial (especially for shires, etc.) for this event 
to be an "official" kingdom level event (or at least have it straight from 
the Kingdom seneschal, in writing, that it won't count against the group's 
limit). Alternatively it could be produced as a Multi-Group Calendar Event 
(which needs the Kingdom seneschal's approval.)

In closing I would remind everyone that KA&S is where the kingdom's 
champions for Gulf Wars will be chosen - so some performance pieces 
(dance???) will be required by the kingdom. Is anyone working on anything?

And since it's also MAT (Mooneschadowe Ansteorran Tribute - ie, fund 
raising) the steward has requested that I arrange a ball. I'm thinking 
something along the lines of 'pay-per-dance' - ie, a quarter-a-vote & vote 
for your favorites, vote early & often! And if the musicians pay more to 
*not* play a dance - then it either becomes a bidding war or it's bumped 
from the program. Any other ideas for that?


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