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> But does it really need to be physically published? Perhaps providing a 
> copy of the manual in a PDF format on the AGED website would be a better 
> way to go. I'm seeing copyright issues, etc. for some dances as causing 
> problems if we actually want to go with a hard copy. And maybe there are 
> copyright issues for a PDF copy as well. There's no need to rush into 
> this. Has anyone looked into this? (And no, I'm not volunteering for it.)

Copyright issues are copyright issues whether published as a book or online.

>>5.  Money.
>>               The only possible expenditure mentioned was paying for 
> outside instructors.
> Doesn't that go against the whole "no person shall benefit from SCA 
> monies?" mantra of the reeves, unless of course you're talking about *non* 
> sca dance instructors?

We're allowed to pay outside instructors and officers may be reimbursed 
for travel expenses.  I'm guessing we can compensate an out-of-kingdom 
teacher for some travel expenses.  Would need an official answer from 

> 6.  Kingdom Dance Symposium.
>>Deadline - We spoke with Mistress Jehanne (current A&S Kingdom Officer)
>>about setting a deadline for bids for the Kingdom Dance/Music Symposium
>>which would still have a flexible date.  We need to consistently hold 
> this
>>event EVERY year.
> I don't know about a deadline - but in the summer seems a good time to me 
> to hold the event. And while maybe not *every* year, how about every 
> *other* year? (the off year of KWDS?) 

Both of these were mentioned -- in summer and bi-annually opposite of KWDS.

The main reason that KWDS is every other year is that there are so few 
instructors at that level an every year event would burn them out too 
quickly.  We discussed that this wasn't a problem at the kingdom level 
and an every year dance event would be good.  Dissenting opinions welcomed.

As for the time of year, I went back through almost 20 years of 
Blackstars.  Kingdom dance (in one form or another) has been held in 
every month of the year with no clear "usual" time.  In part I think 
that is because each region has it's "biggie" events it wants to avoid 
conflicting.  So dictating a month that works for all regions, all the 
time might be difficult.  OTOH, Ihon liked the idea of summer because 
it's too darn hot for outside events.

>>Kingdom Law - We discussed the need to change kingdom law to make Kingdom
>>Dance actually count as a Kingdom event, not against a group's local 
> event.
> A very good idea - but the question is has it *really* been counted 
> against a group's limit by any kingdom seneschal? [Kingdom Heraldic 
> Symposium has the same problems - it's not on the list of "official other 
> kingdom events" either.]

We discussed this briefly with Jehanne.  This was brought up at Round 
Table a couple of years ago and the feeling at that time was that 
Kingdom Dance wasn't a "kingdom" event worthy of not being counted 
toward a group's total.  We asked Kaitlyn, and it's theoretically 
possible for the kingdom or AGED to host the event.  So there are 
options to look into for this.

>>Performance event - We discussed the possibility of using Kingdom Dance 


> Was it brought up about the changes to event limits that is being 
> considered to change kingdom law? (if so, sorry for being redundant) IE, 
> reducing all groups below barony level to *one* kingdom calendar event per 
> year & (I think) baronies to their ped & 1 event? At least nothing more 
> has been mentioned about this on the Ansteorra list recently. The stated 
> reason is to produce fewer, higher quality events. sooooo.....

See above comments.


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