[Anst-dancers] ansteorra dancers - KWCS

Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 29 14:12:01 PST 2003

>my guess is you'll here from the other four who weren't therethis
>weekend at a later time as well.

Were there seriously only four of us who were at this meeting? I had no idea 
so many people were going to be there, or I would have tried harder to make 

> >Well, I'll have to say that, if my options are going to a KWDS or going 
> >a Kingdom dance symposium, I'd much rather go to the KWDS, if possible. 
> >I'd rather not have to chose between them. I also just think that if the
> >kingdom event was every year it would get old quick.
I'd have to say my vote is also for alternating years with KWDS. I go to a 
number of events that aren't necessarily dance specific, and some big dance 
events that are out of kingdom, so I would be much more excited about going 
to one here if it didn't come up every year. But what does everyone really 
want for our KWCS? A big event that attracts dancers from all over the 
kingdom, or a good dance event that a lot of kingdom dancers may not make it 


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