[Anst-dancers] Dance Manual and Publication

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 30 08:39:46 PST 2003


I have heard some concerns (as well as voiced my own) of ownership of the 
dance manual, acknowledgements of whose work the manual is, and copyright 
laws.  I think we need to consider doing a publication permission form.  
This way the dance manual can stay intact, regardless of who is currently 
maintaining it and who the proctor is, and we can also follow society 
publication laws.


I am suggesting something like the following.

>From the Blackstar:

Publication Permission Form
I, ___________________________________________________, being known
within the Society for Creative Anachronism as __________________________
_____________________________, do hereby grant permission for the (Circle
appropriate item(s): article/poem/picture/song/ ________________________)
entitled __________________________________________________________
to be used as follows (check all that apply, complete blanks where 
Ownership by the publication titled ______________________________
_________________________________ and all copyright granted to that
publication (or to: Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.), which shall
determine all future use of the item named above. (Check no other item.)
One time publication in an issue of: ______________________________
_________________________________________________________ or:
publication in that publication no more than _____ times (separate issues).
Performance at an event called __________________________________
Posting on the Web page for: ___________________________________
I recognize that persons unknown to me may link to this site or may use my
work without my permission. I shall hold the web page owner harmless
from such activity if proper notice appears on the web page, and I am
immediately notified when the link or use is discovered.
If I have checked one the last three options, I retain all copyright in my 
work and
may grant permission to any other publication or entity to use my work, or 
withdraw permission as I choose.
I further certify that I am the sole creator of this work, and have not 
based it upon the work of any other person. If others have contributed to 
work, of if I have based this upon the work of any person, their names and 
(or other contact information) and the name of the original work are:
Date: ______________ Signature:____________________________________

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