[Anst-dancers] 25 Year Performance

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 30 09:27:47 PST 2003

> >I'll provide more info on this later. Yes, I would love to do
> >Guillaume's "La Caccia d'Amore" reconstruction as one performance.
> >Also, Ariane has been working on "Il Pastor Leggiardo" from Negri. I
> >would also like for people to do dances from other genres.

>A number of years back when I was still in Carolingia, we put on a dance
>pageant called "Desire and Disdayne" that presented dances from across the
>repertoires in the format of a staged ball.  The theatrical elements to it
>were pretty simple, but served to tie the performance together.  Would
>something like that work for 25 year?  That way groups from across the
>kingdom could focus on perfecting an, or multiple, individual dances, but
>there's still unity to the performance.

Wow... So I think this is a really great idea.  And I think it would be 
allot of fun to do.  We could come up with a pretty simple script and base 
it in historical context as well.  Something like an Elizabethan Ball 
looking back at historical dances and current trends.

It also works well to get past the distance issue or availability issue.  
For example there are still some of us who don't have the Sutton video to 
learn La Caccia d'Amore.  And we seem to be hitting different events and 
demos - not having a place to come together.

But - we have lots of time to think about 25th year - I suppose we will hear 
more from Isabeau on this next week.  Still - good idea Tahira - thanks for 
posting!  I hope we go with it.


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