[Anst-dancers] Ansteorren Dance Manual Changes

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 30 22:25:07 PST 2003

>I don't think that a single line that states "reconstructed by" or "taught
>by" makes the dances difficult to read in the dance manual, it is a single
>line of text that will be differientiated (sp?) by the typestyle. 

I don't mind for the dances itself, but I think the steps description
aren't very readable right now. (Note that this is _my_ opinion, I'm not
speaking for anyone else.)
For example from the online dance manual step's glossary:


"Fiancheggiato: Flankingly.
HL Guillaume de Troyes: Not a step, but a style of stepping. When moving
toward or away from your partner lead with the hip (women) or the shoulder
(men), to turn your body to the side with each step. Do your hip or
shoulder movements toward your partner. Maintain eye contact and flirting
HL Ariane Lancaster: A style of movement, like sidling, doing your steps in
a diagonal or zig-zag pattern."

How many people's reconstruction are we going to put in for each step? 2?
4? How do we decide whose step description gets put in? The proctor/deputy?
Or the editor? 

I think in this case it would be better to go to the appendix then to have
a "reconstructed by" every 4 lines.

>I think that if we put the credits in the back of the book then nobody
will read
>them and won't know who the dance should be attributed to right off the bat.

I guess it's a matter of which is more important: user-friendliness, or
easier access to credit.


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