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Since Isabeau, Ariane, and I are doing 99% of the work on the manual, 
and we weren't actually at this meeting, I'm not sure how to take items 
2. Dance Manual, and 3. Dance Website.

I've decided that we have 2 alternatives. The first is to resign 
Isabeau and myself as Dance Manual compilers and web scribes. The 
second is to go on as we have been doing, taking all your discussion 
under advisement.

Many of the things mentioned are good suggestions. Some of them are, in 
fact, how we are doing it already. Some of the items are things that 
will not be implemented, so long as Isabeau and I are doing these 2 
projects. It may be that we disagree that they should be done. It may 
be that it is not feasible, given the time constraints. So bear in mind 
that we are definitely open to suggestions on how these projects should 
be done, but we have the final say in how it will be done. This is 
simply because we are, in fact, the ones doing it.

If the proctor thinks we should be relieved of this duty, then she is 
free to do that. The web-site would be passed on to the new web scribe 
pretty much intact. Isabeau has done an amazing amount of work on the 
website, and if that is not appreciated, then her time could be better 
spent on other things.

I doubt that I would have the same attitude about the manual. If we're 
not in charge of producing the Ansteorra dance manual, then I don't 
think I will allow my previous manual to be used as the basis for the 
new one. If everyone thinks the Terpsichore manual is so great, then 
that might be a good start for the Ansteorra manual.

It serves my purposes equally well, whether the manual has "Ansteorra" 
written on its cover, or it's simply my own dance manual.

I haven't really had proper time to decide which of the items in the 
minutes of the A.G.E.D. meeting we will and won't be implementing, but 
I would be happy to discuss those things in person the next time I meet 
with each of you.

I think the thing I most object to is allowing other parties to have 
edit priveleges to the website. This is simply not how good websites 
are done. There is too much potential for damage to be done and for 
people to get upset. If people desire membership entry forms to be 
programmed, then we will find someone to do it according to our exact 
specifications. They will work through us, and we will add the forms to 
the site after we are satisfied with the work. That person could be 
Lowrie, but it might work better if it was someone we have more contact 

Please know that I think it ill-advised to plan and hold a meeting 
knowing well in advance that the principle parties involved will not be 
able to attend. It seems to me that the meeting was planned because it 
was known we could not come.

To change topic slightly, regarding copyright: This is a very important 
issue. When it was my own manual, it really wasn't an issue. Some 
dances were the reconstructions of others, but what I put in the manual 
was from memory, after learning the dance. Full attribution was given, 
and that was really all that was necessary (so long as I'm not asking 
for money beyond cost of copying or getting paid for the performances). 
And I had permission, anyway. However, when people send me written 
reconstructions of dances, and all I'm changing is the formatting, then 
I think it's fair to say I need a release form signed.

I've served a total of three years as a newsletter editor in 
Mooneschadowe, so I know the importance of copyright & release forms.

So that's my 2 pence on this past weekend's meeting of A.G.E.D.


On Monday, October 27, 2003, at 12:24  PM, Scot and Michelle Henry 
> 2.  Dance Manual.
> 	Much time was spent discussing the merits of whether including 
> variations
> helps or hinders new dancers.
> 	The most common form of the dance will be listed first in the manual.
> Questions were raised as to how this would be decided.
> 	Everyone is encouraged to include dances that their group does and any
> variations their group does.  Dance instructors will need to look at 
> the
> on-line manual to determine if their dances/variations are included.
> 	To insure proper credit is given, the dance manual will include 
> fields such
> as "reconstructed by", "taught by" and "danced in".  If you have 
> submitted a
> dance, please be sure to include that information as completely as 
> possible.
> 	The dance manual will hopefully be ready to begin the publishing 
> process in
> January.  Please note that the further editions of the manual can make
> updates and corrections.
> 	A dance manual editing/proofreading party has been scheduled for 
> November
> 22nd.  The exact location is yet to be determined, but it will be in 
> the DFW
> Metroplex area, please let the proctor (Capricia) and Dance Manual
> coordinator (Isabeau) know if you can attend.
> 	The deadline for submitting dances and variations is November 19th, 
> so they
> can also be edited/proofread.  Please submit your works to the proctor 
> or
> dance manual coordinator before that time.
> 	The cover for the manual will include a graphic and the name of the 
> manual.
> 	A credits page will be included in the manual for all who have worked 
> on
> the manual or made submissions.  Please provide your information (name 
> and
> e-mail (or other info. you want included) as you would like it to 
> appear.
> 	If you want to be involved in the layout and stylistics of the 
> manual, you
> should attend the editing/proofreading party.
> 3.  Dance Website.
> 	Lowrie was asked to program a form for dancers to register on line to 
> be
> part of the dance roster.  She has agreed to do this.
> 	It was discussed as to who should have access to alter/update the 
> webpage.
> The decision (with approval from Pug) was that the proctor (Capricia), 
> the
> web managers (Isabeau and Guillaume), and the "programmer" (for lack 
> of a
> better term) (Lowrie) should be allowed access.
> 	An idea was discussed about how to add dances to the manual. (This is 
> my
> non-programming/web savvy understanding.  Someone please correct me if 
> I'm
> wrong.) Program code would be written which would allow people to 
> upload a
> dance without needing the password.  This would not automatically go 
> to the
> web page, but would be held some place until the web manager (and/or 
> maybe
> the proctor) could approve the upload.  This would save the web manager
> needing to physically do all the additions and corrections, etc.  But 
> would
> still leave control with the web manager.  The program would also 
> generate a
> notification e-mail to whoever is keeping the paper Dance Manual 
> updated
> (currently also Isabeau and Guillaume).
> 	The idea to do a "Who's Who" page was readily accepted.  Most people 
> would
> like it to include the dancer's photo.  Including a caricature of the 
> dancer
> was also suggested and most liked that idea.  Some dancer's want to 
> have
> both, some only want one or the other.  It was suggested that this page
> could look very much like the Laurel's page.
> 	We need to have our page linked off the Kingdom's page Dance, Music, 
> and
> Bardic page.  We also need to link back to the Kingdom A&S page.  (We 
> are
> already linked back to the Ansteorra page.)
> 	Greg Lindahl has recently created a page on how to locate and obtain
> variuos useful dance books.  This link would be particularly helpful to
> those beginning to do reconstructions.
> 	Can we find out about and add a page that links to non-SCA dance 
> camps,
> etc?  Like Pine Wood, Amherst, etc.  Anyone with information on such an
> event, please contact the proctor and web manager.

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