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Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Fri Oct 31 09:11:38 PST 2003

I'm not going to quote people here in my response just to make the message a
little shorter.

As previously mentioned, nothing has been decided by the group at A&S
although the proctor has made some decisions on timely issues.  Everything
is still open for discussion.  With a decision by those involved to print
the manual in January (before any official meetings) all discussion needs to
be done by e-mail, phone, or at the editing meeting.

Most of the items under the dance manual and dance website sections of my
e-mail had been previously discussed with Isabeau before the event.  The
date for the "party" was her suggestion and works for me.  Since there is
still a desire to publish by January, a November date was needed.  The
deadline of November 19th for submissions and corrections was arbitrarily
decided by me based on the party date.  Just a semantics issue:  editing is
to check for errors in the print (punctuation, spelling, etc.), proofreading
is to check for errors in meaning and for clarity.  So, yes, we will be
doing both in November.

Isabeau was the original idea generator of the Who's Who page.  My personal
preference slowed this project down because I do not want my picture on the
web, so when asked to do a bio and picture, I asked her to start this
project with other people.  Most people think this is a good idea, so I will
also participate and deal with my privacy issues.  This project could be
undertaken by someone else if Isabeau would like to lighten her workload (or
someone really really wants to do it).  We would then have to coordinate how
it would be uploaded to the website.

My main purpose for wanting more than one person to have access to the
website was exactly because it is so much work.  I think if we can have some
automated forms for registration and uploading dances then managing the
website becomes less time-consuming because everything doesn't have to be
retyped and reformatted.  It also reduces the risk of e-mails getting lost.
Having the automated forms available doesn't give everyone access to the
website, but does make updating the website easier.  The web manager still
has final say and all changes will be sent to the dance manual coordinators
as well (currently the same people) so that everything is kept up-to-date.
I had asked Lowrie to help with these forms because I knew she had
experience.  Isabeau and I had thought that Lowrie would be able to send the
code somehow.  Neither of us thought about needing to test it.  If I had
realized previously that there were personal web issues here, I would not
have asked Lowrie to do this project.  She has graciously agreed not to be
involved but I still think that we need this project and I would still like
to spread out the work so that it is not a burden.

As to formatting issues for the manual, since there is a prototype of the
new format  I would like to see it posted.  Perhaps linked off the website
so that everyone can see what it is we are putting together.

Ownership of the dance manual still seems to be an issue.  Most people do
not want to contribute their dances and variations to a work that will be
veiwed as being owned by one person.  If however, the manual is presented as
more of a group effort then people are willing to participate.  Those who
are doing the compiling and publishing do in reality get the final say as to
where things go and how they are presented, but the group ideas should not
be rejected without discussion.
As proctor, I have asked all dancers to look at the online manual to
determine if dances they do are not yet included and if they have
variations.  I have now set a deadline for this.  I personally do not feel
that anyone currently working on these projects needs to be replaced, but I
do feel that public opinion could easily be improved by a more cooperative
and informative attitude.  If people knew what was going on and how things
were being planned, they would understand a lot better.  That is why I
called Isabeau before the event.  I knew people who had concerns would be
there and I wanted to present the proposed plan and questions that had been
raised.  People who are informed make better decisions and have better

And since I, as proctor, am officially over this project I would appreciate
knowing as soon as decisions are made in regards to this project.  While I'm
at it, I would appreciate knowing if any one is working on any projects that
fall under the proctor's responsibilities.  Full disclosure.  If you're
unsure , check the bylaws.  Even if you're not working on a project, check
the bylaws especially since we may be changing these in the near future.

As to meetings, two have been decided in different regions.  No one is
expected to make it to both except the proctor.  They are close together
because we have a lot of important decisions to be made and I don't want to
drag it out and I will remember what was said (and the attitudes behind it)
better if they are close together.  Hopefully, this will also eliminate hard
feelings about "things were already decided at that other meeting, so my
opinion doesn't matter".  Basically, the way I see this working is I will
plan an agenda - some of which will be discussion topics and some of which
will be voting (money issues, bylaw changes, etc.).  After both meetings, I
will compile the information and post the results.

I love the idea of tying the dance performances at 25th year together with
some theater!
If the guild is going to perform L'Caccia d'Amore then we will all have to
be doing the same version.  Besides the video and Guillaume's version, who
else has a version of this dance?  If those are the two choices, then we
will need them both posted so a decision can be made as to which version to

Along those lines, I think some pages of our website need to be sort of
hidden like the ones on the KWDS website that were only available to the
staff.  I'd like to have full roster information (SCA and mundane names,
e-mail, phone, address, etc.) available to members only and maybe only name
and e-mail available to general public.  I think full information is
necessary for the proctor or those working on group projects to be able to
contact people privately as needed.  Our voting on the version of the above
dance should be a hidden thing I think.

Yes Ihon, I too am excited that there is finally discussion!

I think having to vote in person on money issues may be a bit difficult
since we don't hold all that many meetings and not everyone can make it to
each one.  Just my opinion.

The idea of getting the dance geeks together on a regular basis was brought
up at the event and again by Tahira.  As mentioned, we have two places in
the metroplex to hold such a get together.  We need places elsewhere as
well.  I was thinking quarterly, but if there is enough interest to do
monthly that could also be a possibility.  Although this appears to make us
insular, I feel it actually helps us to prepare our students (whether
regular class attenders or those we get just once at an event) for travel
and participation with other Ansteorrans.   And if we draw together more as
a community as well as participate in our local non-dance groups, we gain
more visibility and credibility.

Inviting Jehanne to the list is a great idea, Philip would you mind doing

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that is enough for now.

In service,

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