[Anst-dancers] Performance Event

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Fri Oct 31 13:35:12 PST 2003

Philip said:
> On the same years as KWDS - we could help the performing arts community
> organize a Kingdom Performing Arts College - taking off some of the 
> of running an event from just dance people and their friends.  It could 
> an event that had tracks for bardic, performing, judging, middle 
> european dance, and more.  It could also be a place for Kingdom 
> or the Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance Title.
> This would take work with the Kingdom A&S office and the other 
> arts communities.

Ihon said:
>What I'd like to see is a stage for theatre, a stage for dance, a stage 
>group singing (which could double with the dance stage or the theatre 
>depending on the number of entries) and a stage for individual
>performances --thus 3-4 performance venues.  Sort of a mini-faire.

Already there's a difference in what some people see as a Performance 
Event: one person sees it as actually "doing" the performance, while 
another person sees it more as a collegium-type event with classes in the 
performance arts. I suppose you could combine the ideas: morning - classes 
in bardic, juggling & performances in dance & theatre. Afternoon - classes 
in dance & theatre & performances in bardic & juggling. That gives it a 


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