[Anst-dancers] Kingdom Performing Arts College

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 14:37:40 PST 2003

Hey all,

So I am going to talk these ideas up this weekend at Crown in an effort to 
see how the other performing arts communities are interested in 
participating.  I'll see if an idea of a Kingdom Performing Art College 
every couple of years would be handled... and check with people who'd like 
to volunteer for it, possibly in 2005.

This is nothing too serious, but just a chance to start people thinking, and 
comfortable with the idea.  Also, a chance to see if we should spend much 
more time on it or if it is even a viable event idea.


>What I'd like to see is a stage for theatre, a stage for dance, a stage for
>group singing (which could double with the dance stage or the theatre stage
>depending on the number of entries) and a stage for individual
>performances --thus 3-4 performance venues.  Sort of a mini-faire.

>My thought was we could organize within the dance community a Kingdom dance
>event on opposite years from KWDS.
>On the same years as KWDS - we could help the performing arts community
>organize a Kingdom Performing Arts College - taking off some of the strain
>of running an event from just dance people and their friends.  It could be
>an event that had tracks for bardic, performing, judging, middle eastern,
>european dance, and more.  It could also be a place for Kingdom Eistedfodd
>or the Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance Title.

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