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Mon Oct 6 09:59:01 PDT 2003

Actually, it is.  It is called Sbandieratori, and it has been around a long 
time (read several centuries) in Italy.  I've got a selection of links and
movies about it somewhere.  We were trying to start a group locally
hasn't gotten off the ground... for some of the stunts, you need really
light flags - much lighter than the standard flag poles used in band today.
>From the movies I've seen, they have drummers and trumpets and it is
really exciting.  I believe they also had a troupe of them at the last

Here is nice page about it -
Sbandieratory Sansepolcro - http://www.flagshow.com/ingl.htm

It is really difficult to find much about the history excepting that it dates
back to the Renaissance.


"Julie Cunningham" <Julie at ettros.com> wrote:
>"...they had this scene where people were in Ren costumes and
>twirling flags in the air. I wonder if flag twirling is period. I tried
>dancing with flags before.. it's hard on the hands.
>I would be interested in this, too.  I was a "flag twirler" in Drum Corp and WinterGuard for 8 years in high school and college. It would be great fun to do it again. I would love to teach it to anyone who is interested!
>Kathryn of Ayr
>Julie Cunningham

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