[Anst-dancers] Re: Flag-Twirling

jacinth jacinth at mail.ev1.net
Mon Oct 6 13:02:18 PDT 2003

"Julie Cunningham" <Julie at ettros.com> wrote
>I would love to see this group in action.  Any ideas if there is video of them?
>>Here is nice page about it -
>>Sbandieratory Sansepolcro - http://www.flagshow.com/ingl.htm

I don't have anything for this particular group, but there are a few
competitions and displays on line for other groups... this is a big deal
over there, I guess.

The group that went to the Winter Olympics in 2002 has some pictures
and clips on line.  Sorry, it is only in Italian, but just click the links on the
bottom of the page...  (on an aside, the FSIB is the Italian league for sb.


Low quality video of anothter group, as well as pictures.  As this was a
martial exercise, traditionally this was a men only thing, but in our 
enlightened society women also particpate in today's celebrations dressed
the same as men.


A few other clips from San Lazzaro:


It all looks really nice, but you have to wonder how much modern is 
inserted in the techniques.  I am still interested in trying it anyway.  
Just imagine the court processions. :)


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