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Keith McClune swashbuckler at caerthe.org
Tue Oct 28 13:41:26 PST 2003

Hi there:

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> >Would eliminating levels be more productive to the guild at this point in
> >time?

If a curious outside observer may intrude, just a bit?

I have been studying guilds, especially dance guilds, off and on since I first
encounter the proto- AGED at King's College several years ago (hi Guillaume!)

I have wondered all along what the purpose of a guild would be, as opposed to a
household, association, or other network.  Part of this in inter-kingdom
anthropology:  we just don't do much with guilds in the Outlands.

Guild levels, it seems to me, serve two purposes.  One is to identify skill
levels.  This may also be assessed, however, through biographies and
knowledgeable coordinators.  In fact, for a small group of "geeks" where
everyone knows everyone else, levels convey no useful data.  The Second purpose
of levels to to grant recognition, or establish precedence.  Who's better than
who?  Who are the peons?  In the absence of any official recognition from
kingdom or barony, this recognition strokes egos and may help outsiders
recognize previously overlooked activity.  When there *is* "official"
recognition, guild ranks may easily be abused by those who seek alternative
paths to glory.  In the case of dance, activity at events should be self

I think it's healthy that nobody seems to care about the levels:  you have
worthy projects, you're helping various groups establish dance - what do you
need levels for?

Craig Shupee' wrote:
> Our community seems interested in growth and learning - not labels.  I watch
> people get excited about balls, regional practices, Kingdom dance events, a
> kingdom dance manual, and teacher exchange programs among other things.

This is, after all what you wanted, right?  From my distant view, it looks like
you are doing fine without using the guild levels.  I recommend you dump them.

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Denver / Caerthe, Outlands

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