[Anst-dancers] FAS- Dance Business

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Tue Oct 28 16:25:16 PST 2003

>Well, I'll have to say that, if my options are going to a KWDS or going to 
>a Kingdom dance symposium, I'd much rather go to the KWDS, if possible. So 
>I'd rather not have to chose between them. I also just think that if the 
>kingdom event was every year it would get old quick. 

Well, I'm all for having yearly KWDS :) Especially since the next one is on
the opposite hemisphere.
I think we could handle a yearly kingdom dance.. and if it worked before,
why not try again? If people aren't going to volunteer and attendance
drops, we can easily stop.

But right now, we don't even have a bid for next year's kingdom dance.

>And it's not like there wouldn't be other opportunities to teach dance -
King's College, the 
>intermed College, collegium events like winterkingdom, etc.

The last King's College had 6 dance classes, and I ran 4 of those. 
People don't think of those events as 'dance' events, and I had problems
getting dance teachers to come and volunteer. 
Again it's the whole dance as a sideline activity. If there was Kingdom
dance in Oklahoma, I'll try hard to attend. If it's Coronation which just
happens to have dance, then I'll stop and think if I really want to spend
12 hours on the road for it.

I also think the whole Performance Event hosted by AGED would be a good
idea, if people were willing to volunteer.

my 2 corintos,

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