[Anst-dancers] FAS- Dance Business

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Wed Oct 29 13:41:32 PST 2003

Lowrie said:
>The last King's College had 6 dance classes, and I ran 4 of those. 
>People don't think of those events as 'dance' events, and I had problems
>getting dance teachers to come and volunteer. 

When Mooneschadowe held KC we had one track of dance classes. As long as 
there's at least one track of dance at KC, that's good, imho. 

I suppose it comes down to the reason for having Kingdom Dance (& dance 
classes at other events) - is it mainly for never-danced before & 
beginning dancers or is it for the dance-geeks (intermediate/advanced 
dancers)? Because if it's for the latter, that's a much smaller target 
audience; the former, a (possibly) wider audience, but not much for the 
geeks to show up for. And we need *both* types of classes. KWDS is for the 
dance geeks; kingdom dance ?? I don't know. I could argue it both for and 
against dance geeks. Sooo maybe we need to either question non-geeks on 
how they view kingdom dance & what it would take for them to attend and 
also question ourselves as to what *we* expect from Kingdom dance.

>I also think the whole Performance Event hosted by AGED would be a good
>idea, if people were willing to volunteer.

So most of the dance community seems to like this idea; has anyone bounced 
it off of any other people (like musicians, bards, jugglers, etc) to gauge 
their reaction?


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