[Anst-dancers] FAS - Dance Business (Long)

Myfanwy ferch Eifion myfanwy at pug.net
Fri Oct 31 06:18:45 PST 2003

>\Well, it seems like you guys had an official "unofficial" meeting
>considering all of the attendees and everything discussed. :)

Although we discussed a lot, Capricia continued to point out that nothing 
that we discussed was official because it was not an official meeting.  The 
set up was just conducive for a lot of sitting around and talking.

>Just out of curiosity, why are there two offical meetings scheduled only one
>week apart? Are people really going to attend both of them?

I believe it was so that there were two events on opposite ends of the 
kingdom close together so that everybody could potentially make one of 
them.  I don't believe it is expected for everybody to make both, it just 
allows for the opportunity to hear from as many of the members as possible.

>I think that any commonly done variations should be included for dances, and
>I don't think that including them would hinder new dancers as long as there
>is one clearly listed as the most common. Are there a great number of dances
>that have more than one very common variation? I think that whoever
>submitted the dance would make that choice, otherwise it would be left up to
>the compilers of the manual.

The problem is deciding what is the most common.  That was what was 
reiterated over and over.  Because this was not an official meeting, no 
decisions were really made, just a decision on what the majority of the 
group that was there felt would be a good solution.  The problem that I see 
is that this "Kingdom of Ansteorra" dance manual is being done and I think 
that Isabeau, Guilliame, and Ariane are doing a great service to volunteer, 
however I feel like it is being done without any desired input from 
others.  That is not to say that input hasn't been asked, it just has the 
feeling of having been discouraged.  The other thing, is that  offense is 
being taken that we're talking about the project and giving input about how 
to make it nicer for the kingdom, but yet they didn't ask the guild if the 
guild wanted it, they just said they were doing it.

>When was this date decided?

I was led to believe that this was the date that Capricia and Isabeau had 
talked about.  I may be wrong.

>Why do so many people need to have access to the web site?

The discussion came about because we felt that it would be unfair to have 
Lowrie as the programmer have to test under a false environment.  If she 
cannot access place where the page is to be hosted, then there is no way 
for her to have an accurate program.  As far as the proctor as the 
baron/baroness/seneschal well, they aren't really similar.  The 
baron/baroness/seneschal have real power in our society.  The proctor only 
has real "power" in the guild.  For example, if for some reason Isabeau 
suddenly disappeared and there needed to be an immediate update to the AGED 
web page, it would be best that somebody could do that.  Although we have 
the benefit or Pug being sort of with the guild, we are just the first 
kingdom wide guild and if there are others Pug may not be involved enough 
to know who "the person in charge" is and so who could make the calls to 
change passwords/remove privileges/etc and so it is better if we set up 
some kind of procedure now.

>  If a submission form was created it would
>be the same thing as emailing the web manager with a dance--they would still
>have to format it into the web site.

Although I see your point, if there was a standard format for the dance, 
the submission form could ask the questions in the standard format, 
allowing the formatting to be done already.  Although I haven't done any 
html programming and I haven't done programming in over 12 years, I would 
guess that we haven't gone back in time and so there are ways of putting 
things in alphabetical order.

>I think this idea is nice, thought not absolutely necessary.

No it is not necessary.  But no, it shouldn't create more work for the web 
manager accept possibly approval because it would be an automated 
process.  The approval would just be to make sure it was spam/porn/etc.

> > Can we persuade and teach our nobles and peers to pavan into court?
>Maybe a few, but probably not many, they like to socialize a lot.

Ahh, but when they are going into court, and they are pavanning, they could 
still socialize on their way in.

>The approximate amount and it's exact purpose could be voted on in person at
>an official guild meeting that has been advertised several months in advance
>with a date, time of day, and location. We would have to make sure that the
>majority of guild members could actually be there, otherwise, perhaps a
>private email voting system would work for those who couldn't make it.

This was basically my thought on this matter too.  But just like the 
gathering we had last weekend, nothing on here can be our official 
decision.  We have to gather official and actually vote on things.

Very sleepy so this probably has many errors in it,

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