[Anst-dancers] Fall Arts Symposium - Dance Business

Myfanwy ferch Eifion myfanwy at pug.net
Fri Oct 31 06:28:16 PST 2003

>So bear in mind that we are definitely open to suggestions on how these 
>projects should be done, but we have the final say in how it will be done. 
>This is simply because we are, in fact, the ones doing it.

Although this is true, if you are doing it to benefit the AGED it would 
seem to me that you would want to take into consideration what they 
want.  I'm not saying that what came out of this meeting is what AGED 
wants, I'm just saying you should consider it.  If however you are doing it 
for self-agrandisement, you can ignore all of us.

>If the proctor thinks we should be relieved of this duty, then she is free 
>to do that.

You're right, the proctor can remove you.  However, I'm feeling a bit 
annoyed that you are acting as if you are doing this great service to the 
dancing community so we need to just roll over and let you do whatever you 

>If everyone thinks the Terpsichore manual is so great, then that might be 
>a good start for the Ansteorra manual.

This wasn't stated at all.  It was just one potential suggestion.

>Please know that I think it ill-advised to plan and hold a meeting knowing 
>well in advance that the principle parties involved will not be able to 
>attend. It seems to me that the meeting was planned because it was known 
>we could not come.

There was no meeting plan.  Capricia posted that there would be no meeting 
plan but she would be at the event and we could "discuss" and "brainstorm" 
things but that no decisions could be made.

You however had made complete decisions about things that are the public 
representations of the guild without any consultation from the 
guild.  Well, accept perhaps those that are in the same group as 
you.  There are many different personalities in this group that you are 
volunteering in.  I think it is great that you volunteered, but remember 
that you still have a group to work with and you need to represent us in 
the way that we want to be represented.  I'm not saying that you are not, 
but I am saying you should listen to the feedback instead of immediately 
getting your feathers ruffled and telling us that you don't have to listen 
to any of us.

>I've served a total of three years as a newsletter editor in 
>Mooneschadowe, so I know the importance of copyright & release forms.

I'm glad you do.  Somebody was just mentioning a concern and so wanted to 
make sure it was addressed.


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