[Anst-dancers] Fall Arts Symposium - Dance Business

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Fri Oct 31 10:02:15 PST 2003

I'm sorry Pug, but you should have sent this to Guilluame privately and not
on the list. It is inappropriate for the very reason you stated about
feeling sorry for the people on the list who are getting a bad taste in
their mouth because of childish behavior.


on 10/31/03 11:43 AM, Pug Bainter at pug at pug.net wrote:

> Russell Kinder (russmax at sbcglobal.net) said something that sounded like:
>> I've decided that we have 2 alternatives. The first is to resign
>> Isabeau and myself as Dance Manual compilers and web scribes. The
>> second is to go on as we have been doing, taking all your discussion
>> under advisement.
> I have to say that I may have missed parts of the discussion as I am
> currently in San Diego.
> I'm gonna be a pain in the ass like I have in the past. I'm gonna roll a
> lot of messages into one, but I am only going include the snippet above
> because it pretty much states it all. "We're going to either take our
> ball and go home or you're going do it our way"
> First, get off your high horse and come down to reality. You are not the
> end all of dance instructors and your way is not the only way. Hell, I
> actually think that you suck as an instructor but you are a pretty good
> performance dancer. That doesn't mean that I don't think that you aren't
> good for the community. As well, just because your little cliche likes
> things a certain way, doesn't mean the rest of us do. For example, while
> a 8x11 manual is great for reference material, I personally prefer 3x5
> or 4x6 cards for actually teaching from.
> Second, I am going to follow the desires of the Proctor with regards tot
> he website. IF you want to appeal this, please appeal it to the Kingdom
> MoAS and if you still aren't satisfied the Crown.
> Third, there are many websites, including in this Kingdom, that have
> multiple people modifying them. This is not at all a difficult process
> nor one that is tough to solve. All they have to do is communicate
> properly and/or properly delineate what each person does. This is being
> done at the Kingdom level only at this point which is where multiple
> people are warranted to make changes to official websites. (Btw, are you
> warranted by the Kingdom Chronicler/VScribe?) For examples:
> - there are at least 5 doing the Kingdom site and updates to regional/local
> sites when not being done by the locals
> - there are several working on the Marshalette pages
> - there are several working on the Heraldry pages
> - there are many Kingdom Officers that have deputies that do the websites
> for them - Such as Gunnora doing the Laurel and general A&S pages
> Finally, I see that you have already ran Lowrie off by being such a big
> pain in the ass. This type of behavior is what gives the dancers a bad
> rep and you are the best example of this I've seen in a *long* time. I
> feel sorry for the few people on here that are just remotely interested
> in dance and get a bad taste in their mount because of your childish and
> self-centered behavior. Get over yourselves.
> Well I think that I'm done being a rude SoB for now. I'll have more time
> to be a SoB when I get back in Ansteorra late tonight.
> Ciao,

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