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Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Fri Oct 31 17:49:33 PST 2003

on 10/31/03 12:15 PM, Pug Bainter at pug at pug.net wrote:

> I'm afraid that I must disagree. The reason I didn't send it privately
> is that it is not *just* Guilluame that is behaving this way of thinking
> that the website and dance manual are their own little fiefdom. At this
> time I will be polite and not list the others by name.
> I truly apologize for anyone (except those it was aimed at) who felt it
> was inappropriate to chastise poor behavior in public.
> Ciao,

If you have a problem with other dancers, why did you not contact them
privately (all of the ones you have a problem with). If you have an issue
with certain people, please do not annoy the rest of the list with your
attacks on individuals. To chastise someone and then turn around and say
that it was aimed at other unnamed people is petty and unconstructive to
this problem. Especially when you do not provide any solutions to the

Like everyone on this list, we dance because we enjoy it. I would like to
think we could express our opinions and share our ideas with like-minded
people without crude and ruthless remarks from others on this list. We are a
dance community after all.

Vivat Dance!

Morgan Ellisse

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