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Thu Sep 4 19:22:17 PDT 2003

on 9/4/03 11:05 AM, Scot and Michelle Henry at cshenry at ev1.net wrote:

> Belfiore

Oh, come on please. Unless Erika submits her version, I say trash this

Now you showed us Prexonera a long time ago (over three years at a Namron
practice) and I remember that being a fun dance! I wish we could do this
more often, so if we come down there for a ball some time and have live
musicans (not the keyboard music) we should do this again.

I think we should add Spero to the manual too! That is in Joy & Jealousy and
except for the discription of the "Saltarello Tedesco" it is a fun and easy
dance and the music is sooooo beautifull too! I need to get the step
discription of the Saltarello Tedesco from Master Gregory, I liked his
version of this step that he showed us.

What happened to Il Gratioso?

Oh, buy the way I asked Lady Helene to add Farandole to the Monsters and
Myth ball dance list at Mooneshadowe's Gardian event (I already sent the
Merry Musican's the Music for it). I think they will love it (easy and not

Morgan Ellisse

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