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Excellent points.  ANd if it's been taught in 5 regions it needs to be
included.  Since I know it, I assumed (and can name some) others in
Ansteorra did as well, thus it's an Ansteorran dance.
However, I think the issue some are having is the choreography (probably
that fast bit at the end which can seem awkward).  So, the best solution
seems to be to find out if anyone has a variation for this part and include
that in the manual as well.
If no one regularly does a variation, then the second best option is to have
people look at the original and at least understand why that part seems
awkward, if not offer a plausible alternative.  After all, this sort of
discussion is part of what this list is about.  Just remember that that
process may take longer than we want to wait for printing this manual and
may have to be added in future updates.

In service,

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Hi all,

I have some comments on what people want form the dance manual.

My impresion is that we could have a manual that reflected the dances
performed in the Kingdom and thier regional variations.  Simple as that.

So I'll use Belfiore since there seems to be some kind of stink about adding
this.  I'll just makes some points using it as an example.

Belfiore being most often danced to a midi file should not be cause for
rejection from the manual.  I use midi files in my guild and my classes.  I
know others do the same.  I am not going to limit my learning because there
is not a readily avaliable sorce of pretty music.  I think this rejection is
backward to people learning dance, because the midi file makes the
choreography even more accesible.  The midi file is on the web - so if
someones resources are limited, they can still dance.

The sheet music to Belfiore is avaliable online.  I think this would also be
enough for a dance to be included into the manual.  I dont want to make the
impression that we are rejecting live music for the sake of recorded music.

I've tought Belfiore in every region of Ansteorra over the last five years.
Its been performed in balls, danced both to live music and to recorded
music.  I've probably tought it to all of you, more than once.  My point
being, some one is consistantly teaching it with people continuing to learn
it.  Is this not enough reson to include a dance into the manual?

Some people dont like it.  Is that enough reason to reject a dance from the
manual?  I like it... why can't it be there?  I havn't stomped my foot on
any dance and said - I don't like that dance, don't put it in there.  I just
think - hmm - I will not teach that.  It's that simple - and should be that
simple with all dances included in the manual.

Reguarless, I will continue teaching Belfiore.  As such, I think the dance
manual should reflect that.  The Manual should reflect what is being tought
in the Kingdom.

What this boils down to is - whose dance manual is this going to be?  Its
origional incarnation was as a manual for Northern Ansteorra.  Now, if it is
going to become the Ansteorran Dance Manual, then it needs to reflect the
standards of the entire Kingdom, not of the editorial staff.  If anything -
Dance Manual decisions should be made with consultation of the whole guild
led by the Proctor.

Your Servant to Command,

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