[Anst-dancers] Fall Arts Symposium/ Guild Meeting?

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 9 08:30:48 PDT 2003


I was hoping to drum up some attendance from the dance community for the 
Fall Arts Symposium on October 25th held by the Canton of Loch Ruadh.  The 
event is at the UTA campus in the same rooms as KWDMS IV.  The event is also 
free - which is really cool for them to do.

Website: http://moas.ansteorra.org/MOASEvents.htm

A couple of us (see Lowrie and me) are offering dance classes that aren't 
the usual run of the mill "I teach you x reconstruction."  I'd like to get 
some support on my class especially, because  I think the more people who 
come, the better the class will work.

Also, this might be a good chance for a guild meeting, since it is an arts 
event and centrally located.  This is also a couple months before the 
proposed printing date of the Ansteorran Dance Manual - so this again is 
good timing.

Caprcia? Comments?  Just an idea.

Thanks!  Hope y'all can make it.


Here are the class descriptions for dance at Fall Arts:

1018 - Reconstructing Dance –  H.L. Philip White
Beyond learning dances by rote, you can learn where dance choreographies 
come from.  We will examine primary source material and begin understanding 
how extant step and dance descriptions combined with pictorial evidence are 
transformed into performable dances.  We will discuss the importance of 
facsimiles, Transcriptions, translations, tabulations, concordances, and 
music.  This will be applied to primary and secondary resources.  We will 
consider the benefit of reconstructing dances already common to the SCA and 
learn how reconstructing unknown dances is important to the success of  the 
dance community within the Society.  This class is open to all, but a firm 
understanding of most Renaissance dance style is conductive to class 
participation and will allow you to benefit from the full potential of this 
class.  Actual physical dance will be limited, primarily aiding possible 
discussion material.
Length:  1 hr	Fee:  none	Registration:  unlimited
Supplies:  bring primary and secondary documents, class handouts, cd’s, 
tapes, recent reconstructions

1021 - Sixteenth Century Italian Dance Steps Roundtable – Lady Lowrie Leulyn
A discussion of Negri’s and Caroso’s step descriptions.  We will go over 
what the manuscripts say about doing 16th c. steps, bring your original 
manuscripts if you’ve any.  Afterwards, we’ll learn Laccio d’Amore from Il 
Ballarino to put the step descriptions into practice.
Time:  1 ½ hrs	Fee:  none	Registration:  unlimited	Supplies:  none

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