[Anst-dancers] GermanFest - "Ball" List

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Sat Sep 13 19:41:04 PDT 2003

Greetings to all good gentles!

The following is the proposed dance list for Brad Leah's upcoming
GermanFest.   Yes, there are many Ansteorran "Favorites" on this list and
everything will be taught/reviewed before it's danced, so dust off your
dancing shoes and come have a ball!  ;-)

Dance				Source

Set 1
Candlestick Bransle 	(Arbeau, 1589)
Old Alman			(Inns of Court, 1570)
Half Hannigan		(Sca Modification of Playford, 1651)
Cassandra Bransle 	(Arbeau, 1589)
Hearts' Ease		(Playford, 1651)
Petit Vrien			(Domenico, 1450 - 15th Century Italian)

Set 2
Montarde Bransle		(Arbeau, 1589)
Lorayne Alman		(Inns of Court, 1570)
Gathering Peascods	(Playford, 1651)
Amoroso			(Guglielmo, 1470 - 15th Century Italian)
Black Nag			(Playford, 1670)
Horses Bransle		(Arbeau, 1589)

Set 3
Farandole  			(12th - 13th Century French)
Pease Bransle		(Arbeau, 1589)
Black Alman			(Inns of Court, 1605)
Hit and Miss		(Playford, 1651)
Official Bransle		(Arbeau, 1589)
Quen Quer Que		(SCA Choreography of a Carole)

Set 4
Koutri  or			(Slovenian Folk Dance)
	Kanonwalzer		(German Laendler)
Queen's Alman		(Inns of Court, 1570)
Charlotte Bransle		(Arbeau, 1589)
Earl of Salisbury		(SCA Choreography based on Quadran Pavan (Inns of Court,
Rufty Tufty			(Playford, 1651)
Hole in the Wall		(SCA Modification of Playford, 1698)

Requests will be taken after the final set until all the dancers fall to the
floor writhing that they can't do another dance*.

*Okay, since that never happens, requests will be taken until we're told to
stop.  ;-)

In service to dance,
Lady Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious ("Capricia")

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